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I create growth 

marketing strategies for SaaS & other businesses.


This is me

I am an experienced growth marketer with a background in SaaS. As the CMO of Nicereply, I built a marketing team that doubled the MRR and grew blog traffic from 5k a month to 40k. I'm in charge of customer acquisition, customer experience, and strategic cooperations.


I have a history of working with startups such as Nicereply, Venzeo, and Vacuumlabs and volunteering with NGOs like AIESEC and TrashOut.

 Growth Marketing  CRO 
 Content planning 

 Copywriting   SaaS Strategy

 SEO    Marketing consultancy 

 Idea communication


I help businesses
and NGOs with growth initiatives
and campaigns.

I am an experienced growth marketer with a history in SaaS, startups, and NGOs. Thanks to this, I can devise marketing strategies without relying on a large budget. I help SaaS companies come up with marketing strategies, so they can reach their customers with the right message to drive growth.

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